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Dr.Di Zhou, MATCM, MD

Dr.Zhou is a highly experienced Chinese medical practitioner with well over fifteen years of practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Born into a family of Chinese medical practitioners, he graduated from Hubei TCM University in 1992 with degrees in both Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He specialises in traditional Chinese treatments for musculoskeletal ailments and massage therapy.


TCM is an ancient yet completely modern method of healing; it is not only just a method of healing but also a philosophy of life. Here at Zheng Healthcare, we use this ancient method of healing to heal and nurture the patient’s body, mind and spirit and to ease it back to a state of harmony. It is only when all three elements are in sync can a person truly be healthy and also prevent further medical issues.

Dr. Di Zhou is also a registered member of the Association of Chinese

Medicine (ATCM) in the UK.